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Spineband is a unique patented product that can reduce your neck pain and back problems.

The flexible elastic strings extend the head backwards and then you work with the front neck muscles and then the back muscles rest.

When the neck muscles rests, they have the opportunity to recover and heal.

Spineband provide relief and a relaxed feeling, and it support proper posture.

It helps the head to get into a natural position in relation to the body's position.

It is designed to fit comfortably on the body and can be adjusted to the wearer's size and needs.

The multiflex adjustment design makes it fit almost all users.

After a couple of days of use, 30-60 minutes a day, you can experience a very good effect and the pain may disappear completely or partially.

Then you can live your life without restrictions again.    

349 SEK



The head weighs about 4-5 kilos when standing straight. Already at 15 ° the load on the neck muscles increases to around 12 kilos.

• 30 degrees: 18 kilos.
• 45 degrees: 22 kilos.
• 60 degrees: 27 kilos.

This means that the neck muscles never rest but are constantly more or less tensed and loaded.

When using Spineband, the head is "fixed" with an elastic cord, which helps to strive the head forward. It is only when the front muscles in the neck work (are loaded) that the back muscles of the neck rest. Then the muscles of the neck can recover and heal.

Best results have been shown by test persons when using Spineband for 30-60 minutes per day. They quickly got better in the neck and the pain decreased.

The test persons have also expressed that they have been helped by Spineband when they have been out cycling, worked at the computer, cooked, etc., when it has relieved the tension on the neck.

Spineband also relieve the "text neck" syndrome that is affecting more and more people. On the page http://text-neck.com/ you can read a lot about what many people think will be a global epidemic, and its effects.

Spineband are easy to adjust and will relieve the head load by about 1-4 kilos depending on how you adjust the elastic strings.

See the instructional video for best results.

 "I've biked with Spineband Active. It was a great relief to have the support for the neck".
Katja Carlsson

 "During the time I've used Spineband my hips has become better, and pain has almost disappeared. That was a positive bonus effect"

 "I tried it when I was out on a golf round. It was a great feeling to tighten the strings during the walks on the fairways. When I played i just loosened the elastic".
Lars Grenander

 "Great relief. I use it when driving to and from work. After just a few days use, I felt much better in neck and my neck pain is now gone. Good instructions and nice packaging."
Cecilia Lundh

 Wow, what a  nice feeling with Spineband. Now I don't need to support my head with the hand under my cheek when I'm out walking".
Client in shop, SAKTA Stockholm

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